• Own room unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Wardrobe and a chest of drawers, plus any other bedroom furniture.
  • Desk, chair and adequate lighting for study.
  • Bed and all linen.
  • Heater available if required.
  • Students must not be asked to supply any furniture or linen of their own.


  • For Secondary school students - Each day, please provide breakfast, lunch, after school snacks and dinner.
  • For Tertiary students - Monday to Friday please provide breakfast and dinner plus snacks. Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays please provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  • If you take your student out for lunch or dinner (McDonalds etc.), it should be treated as a meal at home and paid for by you. If your student chooses to go out for lunch or dinner with their own friends, it is your student who pays.


Host will do the washing and ironing for their student, unless they prefer to do this themselves. Please show your student how to use the appliances.


  • Two weeks notice by either party or 2 weeks payment in lieu of notice is required. We will endeavor to collect this on your behalf, but only if we are holding funds for the student.
  • If the host family is going away, a temporary home will be found for the student.
  • For temporary homestay changes, including emergency situations, please contact the Homestay Coordinator, so that alternative arrangements can be made and the educational institution notified.
  • Kiwi Homestay Consultants 1999 Ltd reserves the right to move a student without prior notice if necessary. Should this happen to you, please do not feel offended as this action is usually due to cultural reasons beyond our control. This does not occur very often, but if it does we make every effort to place another student in your household. In such circumstances, a refund may be due to Kiwi Homestay Consultants 1999 Ltd. We ask for your cooperation should this occur.


Please teach your student:

  • How to bus from your house to school and back again.
  • How to read the bus timetable.
  • Where to buy bus tickets and where all the bus stops are.
  • Please either drive or bus with your student to school on the first day.
  • You are not expected to deliver your student to the airport on departure unless you wish to do so.
  • All students are responsible for paying their own transport costs.
  • No student attending secondary school is allowed to own or drive a car unless the school in which they are studying approves.


  • When we place a student with you we will advise their course start date, duration (providing that we have been advised of this by the institution) and any student details available to us.
  • A student attending any institution abides by the starting and finishing times of the school and all school rules.
  • If your student is sick, please contact the school and advise of your student's absence.
  • Please supply a note when your student returns to classes.


  • Long term students usually return home for the Christmas holidays.
  • Students aged under 18 - If your student wishes to travel in the school holidays, they must have written permission from their parents or guardian/caregiver, which must be forwarded to the school.
  • The school must be informed of any planned travel of your student.


  • All overseas telephone calls should be made collect.
  • Encourage students to use pre-paid 0800 telephone cards if possible.
  • We encourage our families to have a toll bar, this will minimise unpaid debts.
  • All students are responsible for paying their own telephone accounts directly to the host family. Kiwi Homestay Consultants 1999 Ltd accepts no responsibility for any student incurred expenses unless special prior arrangements have been made.
  • If a student requests their own phone line, this is at the student's expense. The host family may not charge the student for their time doing this.


  • In case of illness, students should be taken to your own doctor or to the nearest hospital or emergency clinic in an emergency (Kiwi Homestay Consultants 1999 Ltd and/or the school should be advised). All students will have medical insurance.
  • Students under the age of 18 years will have an onshore caregiver. In emergency situations, please contact the student's caregiver. We will supply all details of your student's caregiver that we have available.


  • Board payments are made by Direct Credit only; please ensure that we have your correct account details.
  • A retainer is paid for a student who is away from their homestay at Christmas for a holiday in their home country, and returning to the same homestay, i.e. end of school year to start of school year. This is payable in advance, before the student departs for their home country. Students pay full board if they are away on holiday at any other time of the year.
  • All board payments are administered through Kiwi Homestay Consultants 1999 Ltd, and it is agreed that payment will not be received directly from the student or from the institution that the student attends.


Under the new legislation for Pastoral Care of International Students, all homestays are required to be visited either by the institution which the student will attend, or their representative, prior to the student moving in. The institution, or their representative, will also visit on a regular basis (say once a term), to ensure that the conditions of hosting a student are being adhered to.


We require all our families to treat their students with care, kindness and respect. It is important that your student feels safe in the family we have placed them in.

If you have further rules that you expect a student to follow in your home, we must have the opportunity to view these before we place a student with you.

All host families, either registered or intending to register, will agree to a Police Vetting Check on all persons aged 18 or over residing in the house, as required by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. Full details of the Code of Practice can be found on the Ministry of Education website

Terms and conditions for hosting International Students may change from time to time without notice and we suggest you visit our website occasionally to keep up to date on any variations.


  1. Should any dispute or difference arise between "The Homestay Family" and "The Student", both parties agree they shall, in good faith, endeavour to resolve the dispute by consultation and negotiation.
  2. The Homestay Coordinator will be involved in any consultation and negotiation.
  3. In all instances, we will report the outcome of consultation and negotiation to the Institution.
  4. The Institution will have the right to be a party to any consultation and negotiation.
  5. Should any homestay fail to comply with the standards set by the Code of Practice, we reserve the right to remove that homestay from our database.
  6. Should any student suffer any form of abuse while in a homestay, details will be passed on to CYFS and/or the NZ Police. We will move the student immediately from the homestay.

Kiwi Homestay Consultants 1999 Ltd reserves the right to decline any application by a family or a student, without explanation.

Host families agree they will not approach or accept students direct through an institution that Kiwi Homestay Consultants 1999 Ltd, have introduced students from.

Kiwi Homestay Consultants 1999 Ltd will adhere to the Code and fulfil its obligations to the students and institutions which it represents.

Kiwi Homestay Consultants 1999 Ltd is a member of the Standards Committee for the Code of Practice.