You are responsible for:

  • Any cosmetic items
  • Personal expenses
  • Bus fares
  • Exam fees
  • Holiday costs
  • Medical/dental expenses (under the Code of Practice, it is compulsory for all students to have medical insurance)
  • Telephone and internet accounts, for own phone line
  • International, national and mobile calls made from the family's line
  • Any breakages or damage in the homestay (not normal wear and tear)
  • Insurance that covers personal liability
  • Keeping your room clean and tidy, and making your bed in the morning


  • Two weeks notice is to be given by either party or 2 weeks board in lieu of notice is required.
  • You must notify the Homestay Organisation and the Institution that you are attending if you intend to move out of your homestay.


  • You must advise your host parent in advance when you will not be home for a meal.
  • You must advise your host parent where you are going, what time you will be home and leave a contact number if possible (in case of urgent messages).
  • Internet - please be respectful of times spent on the Internet (not all night).


New Zealand electricity is 220-240 volts, so you may need to use transformers on any electrical appliances you bring here. Please check this carefully with your host family before you plug anything in.


  • As a member of the family, you should assist with household tasks if asked to do so. If the New Zealand children help around the house, so should you.
  • You must not be expected to do all the family's housework.
  • Laundry may be done by your host family or you may prefer to do this yourself. If so, please ask to be shown how to use the appliances.


  • Hot water is usually heated by electricity and stored in small tanks, so please spend only 5 to 8 minutes in your daily shower.
  • Do not place too much toilet paper, or other objects, in the toilet, as it will become blocked.
  • Your host family will explain how the shower and other facilities work.


  • Your host family will show you how to bus/walk to and from School.
  • You will be orientated with the area that you live in.
  • You will be shown where to purchase bus tickets.
  • Your homestay family is not obligated to take you to the Airport on your departure, unless they wish to do so.


  • Tertiary students - You will receive two meals a day Monday to Friday plus snacks; you will be shown how to prepare your own breakfast and how to clean up afterwards. Your homestay will prepare dinner; if they will not be home for dinner, they will prepare a meal for you to heat up.
  • On the weekends you will also receive lunch; you may prepare this yourself and please clean up afterwards.
  • High school students - You will receive three meals a day (breakfast, packed lunch to take to school, and dinner), plus snacks seven days a week


Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol

  • Buying cigarettes under the age of 18 is illegal in New Zealand.
  • For smoking in the home, the rules of the house apply.
  • Some families are not happy with smoking anywhere in the home, please respect this.
  • No smoking in the bedroom ever!
  • Buying of alcohol under the age of 18 is illegal in New Zealand.
  • The legal age for being in an establishment which serves alcohol is 18 years of age, with the exception of restaurants when you must be with a guardian or parent.
  • Some families may not permit alcohol in the family home.

Drugs are illegal in New Zealand; we have a zero tolerance towards the use or sale of drugs. This will result in the immediate removal of any student in our homestays.

If any student is caught with drugs, the appropriate authorities will be notified, which could result in your Student Visa being revoked.


You may not own or drive a car unless the institution in which you are studying approves of this. If you do drive a car, you must have a current New Zealand Drivers Licence. If you do drive a car, we strongly recommend that you take out fully comprehensive insurance.


  • If you are under the age of 18 years, you must have written consent from your parents for travel within New Zealand or overseas during the holiday times. This must be forwarded to the school before the travel commences.
  • Please advise your homestay family if you intend to travel, so that they may advise either your institution or Kiwi Homestay Consultants 1999 Ltd.

School rules and regulations

All students are to comply with the rules and regulations of the Institution at which they are studying. All students, regardless of age, must abide by New Zealand law.

Fees and Board Payments

  • All board payments are administered through Kiwi Homestay Consultants 1999 Ltd, and it is agreed that payment will not be made direct either by the student or the institution the student attends.
  • Students will not introduce other students or friends direct to their host families.


You should feel as though you are part of the family. The experience of coming to New Zealand to learn English is part of the all round experience, and learning about our culture and trying different foods are also part of that experience. Living in a family home is not the same as living in a hotel.

Please remember most problems occur through cultural differences, not bad behaviour. Communication can go a long way to solving many of the potential problems.

Kiwi Homestay Consultants 1999 Ltd reserves the right to decline any application by a student, without explanation.

Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students

Kiwi Homestay Consultants 1999 Ltd. will adhere to the Code of Practice and fulfil its obligations to the students and to the institutions which it represents. Kiwi Homestay Consultants 1999 Ltd is a member of the Standards Committee for the Code of Practice. Full details of the Code of Practice can be found at the Ministry of Education website -


  1. Should any dispute or difference arise between "The Homestay Family" and "The Student" both parties agree they shall, in good faith, endeavour to resolve the dispute by consultation and negotiation.
  2. The Homestay Organisation will be involved in any consultation and negotiation.
  3. The Institution may also be involved in any consultation and negotiation.
  4. Should a Student living with a Homestay family not adhere to our general policy on their behaviour in a Homestay, we reserve the right to remove that student from the Homestay and we will not be obligated to place that student with another Homestay family. The student may be required to pay 2 weeks board in lieu of notice.